We Demand Healthy Air for Our Kids

  • par: Erica Knecht
  • destinataire: The French Community in Kuala Lumpur


Breathing clean air is fundamental for the growth, development, health and education of our children. During the Haze Season in Malaysia, the air quality as measured on an AQI scale is often in the hazardous zone. Year round, it is frequently in the unhealthy zone.


Malaysia measures air quality using the API scale, while all other industrialised nations, including The World Health Orginisation, France, and the EU use the AQI scale to assess air quality.

The API (Malaysia's Scale) Under IT-1 (2015) (Stage1), is calculated by a 24 hour PM10 measurement at 150 microgram/m3 and the 24 hour PM2.5 measurement at 75 microgram/m3. Further information can be found here and here

The AQI (The scale used by most other governnments including France) is measured differently. The World Health Organization calculates the values  for PM10 is 50 and for Pm2.5 is 25.

Therefore we see a difference of three times between global accepted numbers and Malaysian standard.

The API scale does not provide an accurate measure of the air quality.

LFKL uses the API scale (Malaysia's scale) to assess air quality.

LFKL does not currently have purifiers in the classrooms.


We the LFKL community demand two actions be taken by the school:

  1. Purchase a particle reader that measures PM2.5 and assesses the air quality using the AQI scale.
  2. Take daily independent readings
  3. Use the AQI scale to make judgments about cancelation of recess, sports activtieis, and closure of the school according the the existing protocol
  4. Install air purifiers in each classroom with the appropriate capacity for the square meterage of each specific room.
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