Include Sonny 's Place and Jim Moran in the Long Island Music & Entertainment HOF

    I would like to suggest to the LI music Hall of Fame to take out some of the repetitive exhibits and add two new ones:
    1. Sonny's place. This venue was a jazz mainstay for years, featuring many Long Island musicians who went on to great achievements and recognition.
    2. Jim Moran . Jim has been hosting jam sessions on Long Island for decades. There are a great many musicians who owe their education on stage experience to Jim, as well as numerous bands, and tons of people who rediscovered the joy of playing through his open jam sessions. He has probably done more for Long Island music than any other single person I can think of. Sure, there's Billy Joel and twisted sister, vanilla fudge and blue oyster cult, etc.
    But they were not integral to the actual Long Island music scene in terms of improving it and guiding musicians along.
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