Unsafe restaurant conditions upon being called back to work

  • par: Jeff Haley
  • destinataire: New South Pizzas (Brixx)

After the covid-19 quarantine all staff of New South pizza (Brixx) we're called in for staff meeting on May 21st 2020. We were presented a paper to sign with 2 options; 1) We choose to quit our job or 2) We agree to start work again and comply with new safety precautions, i.e, wear masks and gloves, stay six feet distance and hand washing procedures. If we chose to return to work (many didn't) everyone understood the new rules. The District manager and many of the cooks were seen not properly wearing masks. It was also not disclosed that an employee who had been doing to go orders a week or two prior actually had contracted covid-19. There were rumors spreading around restaurant and two employees confronted general manager. One employee was lied to saying that the person had not contracted Covid-19 the other employee was told yes that the particular employee did in fact contract the virus. After some investigation it was found that the employee did in fact work at the work place while being positive for covid-19. With the concern of undisclosed information and the negligence of management, especially considering the positive case, it has become a great health concern for many employees. We would like to have business to be temporarily closed and have investigation conducted. We also want assurances of financial security from unemployment office.

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