Make these False Advertisers Pay and Stop Exploiting OUR TIME and MENTAL HEALTH

I am an unemployed man in Kentucky with anxiety and other mental health issues promised by these companies online to be paid for my time and participation in certain Games to my PayPal account only to find that the AREADY APPROVED PAYMENT was gone without a trace.  Unemployed and counting on 20$ to help get small necessities was thrown into BACK to BACK panic attacks for over an hour and nearly leading to an emergency room visit. Store advertisers have to honor Any price advertised due to false advertising regulations that these companies namely those affiliated with and "Game Tester "or "Money Cash" and other companies that advertise being compensated for playing but just don't pay that our general well being and health due to mental health issues has been openly and intentionally violated by FALSLEY ADVERTISING PAYMENT these people need to be held to at the very least paying what we are owed and should pay a fine for  pain and suffering due to the blatant disregard to our mental safety leading to panic attacks and mental anguish. As anyone who has orhave had or loved ones suffering from this terrible mental illness knows it is excruciating and feels close to a heart attack.Thank you for your support and concern for the countless people misled and exploited by this intentionally going theft of our time and rewards advertised 

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