This Country Will Stone Gay People and Women Adulterers

Brunei is on the verge of implementing a new law that would stone to death anyone accused of having same-gender sexual relationships or any woman found to have committed adultery. Stoning is literally people throwing rocks at a person until they die, it is a slow and torturous way to die and no one deserves it, ever. 

This is truly heinous. First of all, being gay or being a woman who cheated on her husband is not a crime that needs to be tried in the public given that neither is a threat to society. Second of all, no one should be punished with violence for any crime! Not to mention the law about adultery only applies to women and not men — this double standard is maddening. 

This law has been decried by international human rights groups as a terrible abuse, while actor George Clooney has called on people to boycott Brunei-owned hotels in America and Europe.

We the undersigned demand the Sultan of Brunei, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, reject these Sharia law penalties and commit to safeguarding all his citizens.

Mettre À Jour #1il y a 3 ans
Due to global pressure the Sultan of Brunei has said it will not enforce its backward law that would mean death to anyone practicing gay sex. But we shouldn’t celebrate just yet. This law must be repealed, not just go unenforced. Please share this petition to keep up the pressure.
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