Justice For Endangered Baby Langur Starved And Abused On YouTube

  • par: Joanna Flores
  • destinataire: Joko Widodo President of Indonesia, Siti Nurbaya Bakar minister of environment and forestry, Anies Baswedan Govenor of DKI Jakarta, Hasudungan A. Sidabalok Head of the KPKP sub-dept., JANN

We are seeking maximum penalty for the neglect, abuse and torture leading to the death of an endangered baby Langur. The baby primate was in the illegal possession of a known and previously arrested and prosecuted man, for violent acts on animals, by the name of Rian Mardiansyah of Indonesia. 

This baby Langur was locked in a tiny wired cage for 2 weeks, starved almost to death only taken out except to film a couple of times for YouTube videos. We have photo evidence of starvation, dehydration and  mutilation to the baby's genitalia leading to his death.
If swift justice is not given to this matter, I'm afraid it will only give others the idea this malicious behavior on the protected species of Indonesia, will be tolerated and simply go unpunished.

Thank you for your time and concern for the endangered animals of your beautiful country so rich in it's diversity. 

Mettre À Jour #1il y a environ un mois
We have made it over half way! Thank you to everyone who has signed. Your signatures will help bring justice to an endangered animal without a voice. We can take one more dangerous, depraved human off the street before he turns his abuse on a child. Please if everyone who signed could have one friend sign, the faster we can get this man put back in jail, where he belongs. Again, thank all of you so much for speaking for this baby Langur who sadly died a brutal death. Bless all of you.
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