Fire the GOP school superintendent who hired LibsOfTikTok to torment trans students!

  • par: OD Action
  • destinataire: Oklahoma Department of Education

Chaya Raichik is a virulent anti-LGBTQ bigot and stochastic terrorist who delights in using her "LibsOfTikTok" account to publicly target LGBTQ community events, LGBTQ teachers, and medical centers that offer gender-affirming care so that her rabid right-wing followers can inundate her victims with death threats, harassment, and hate speech.

One of those victims was a librarian at Tulsa's Ellen Ochoa Elementary School, which was hit with multiple bomb threats after one of Raichik's posts. So naturally, the Oklahoma State Department of Education, run by fellow bigot and radical right-winger State Superintendent Ryan Walters, made the astonishing decision to appoint Raichik to the state library board despite Raichik not being a) a librarian b) an educator c) a parent or d) a resident of Oklahoma.

Fire Superintendent Ryan Walters!

A month after Raichik was appointed and a few months after the state of Oklahoma passed an anti-trans "bathroom" bill, genderfluid teen Nex Benedict was beaten by other teens and sustained a severe head wound in a school bathroom. The school failed to call an ambulance or the police and instead decided to suspend Benedict.

The teen died a day later.

It is absolutely unacceptable that a school superintendent is fostering such a hostile atmosphere against trans and nonbinary kids and enabling bigots to dictate what kids can and can't read in their libraries.

Fire the GOP school superintendent who hired LibsOfTikTok to torment trans students!

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