The heartbreaking distressing experience of a mother who reached out for help from those in position to protect children and was met with disbelief and contempt. Despite my efforts to protect my children I was not taken seriously, I was even mocked by Salinas PD. Instead of receiving support I was told to get help for myself and was ultimately turned away. My children are victims of familial child trafficking! I feel helpless to help them! Everyone failed us! I can't give up those are my precious beloved children! It is my duty as their mother to protect them to advocate for them to keep knocking on doors till someone lets us in! We shouldn't have to fight this heinous evil gigantic monster alone!
This is a losing battle for my children and I! Who's going to rescue my children! I won't give up! It's truly heartbreaking the betrayal and loss that my children and I are enduring is an incredibly difficult and painful experience that has impacted our lives forever! It's clear that the warning I received 9/2019 took on a devastating truth, and the impact on my children is immeasurable. In 9/2019, I was informed by a parent at my precious child's school that my best friend had allegedly expressed intentions to steal my precious beloved children. At the time I dismissed this as mere gossip without fully comprehending the gravity of the situation! As I reflected upon the past years it became clear that this has been an ongoing harrowing ordeal. The reality we face today is one that I could have never envisioned. The warning I received back in 9/2019 now carries a painful truth as my children were torn apart from me to be exploited! Authorities dismissed my concerns they are publicly mute their innactions reek turning a blind eye to the worst of human nature leaving children in the hands of child predators! The perpetrators succeeded in portraying me in a negative light so that when I discovered their criminal activities against my children and reported them to the authorities, my credibility would be undermined. They orchestrated this false portrayal to discredit me and evade accountability for their heinous crimes! The emotional toll, anguish, panic, terror that my precious beloved children have been and continue experiencing is beyond words! Everyday has been a struggle to make sense of this devastating turn of events!
This burden has been heavy to bare and I find myself in need of massive support as I navigate through this living nightmare! We cannot in good conscience sit by and let this happen while my children are frightened out of their minds feeling hopeless and helpless! We have the opportunity to do something about it NOW!!!! I respectfully request of you your emergency intervention! Delay only puts my children through enduring more horrific abuse every second is cricual their lives are at risk! Please join me in taking a stand against child trafficking an extremely horrific crime!
It's happening right in our neighborhood!
A mother's first instinct is to protect her child, when the means and power to do that are stripped unjustly from a mother, there are no words that can describe the delibitating agony!

I am reminded of the importance of reaching out to those who care and I hope that by sharing this with you i can find the support my children and I desperately need. It would mean a great deal to my children and I as we continue to grapple with the challenges of this horrific living nightmare! Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and for being someone I can confide in during this most trying period. With heartfelt regards,


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