Demand the right to Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness for the LGBTQIAplus Community

    2023 has proven so far to be the year of SHAME for the American Government. The Hate Campaigns, speeches and bills being passed against the LGBTQIAplus community specifically geared towards transgender individuals, drag queens, nonbinary and intersex individuals has utterly been atrocious. Especially for a Country that used to PRIDE itself on equality!!! What has happened to us?? Have we really gotten so high and mighty and greedy that simple things like compassion, empathy and kindness to one another just go out the window? Where is the UNITED In USA because I’m not feeling very United right now. Especially not when you have some so called RED States and their appointed officials going off half cocked - banning books and marching around like dictators and spewing hate speeches about eradicating transgender people or making it illegal to be a drag queen in public! What has our United America become? Other Countries are trying to assist our Citizens in escape from a once Great, Fortified, Respected place! Now, We are a JOKE! People are scared. I am scared.
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