ok for Head Owner of the Revero Lounge

    Hello! My name is ok, but if you don't know me, I go by the name of "ok". I've been a member of this server for many years and it has come to my attention that this amazing server is in need of a member who is responsible enough to take on the role of "Head owner". I believe that I have all the qualities that a good "Head owner" should have. I am responsible, hardworking, and I would be a great addition to your staff team! I've taken on the responsibilities of the role of "Head owner" many times prior to this occasion, and I believe I have what it takes to be an "Head owner". Thank you for your time.

    If I became head owner, I would greatly clean up this server. My several other servers are extremely organized, and I will do the same to this server if I become head owner. I deem the excessive amount of channels unnecessary, and I can find many other flaws within this amazing, yet flawed server. If I became head owner of the Revero Lounge, this server would not only become a paradise where people can chat and have fun, but also where people can have fun and chat. "ok for head owner!" Spread the word!!!
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