Why Are Forever Chemicals Still Legal in the United States?

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

While the European Union is moving to ban PFAS (also known as forever chemicals), reports are coming out that Americans are exposed to these types of toxic chemicals every single day. In fact, a new study found that eating one U.S. freshwater fish is the equivalent to drinking 1 month's worth of PFAS-contaminated water. It is time for the Environmental Protection Agency to ban PFAS and protect Americans from the awful health consequences of exposure to them!

Sign now to demand the EPA finally ban all non-essential uses of forever chemicals like PFAS!

The study, which left one of the authors saying that he could "never look at a fish again without thinking about PFAS," paints a grim picture for America's lakes and rivers. Our waterways are so polluted that even consuming a single freshwater fish can expose a person to a shocking amount of toxic substances. 

The worst part? We know PFAS have negative health consequences, but we really don't even know the full extent to which they are toxic for our bodies and the environment. Many forever chemicals underwent very limited – if any – testing before approval. But more and more studies are concluding that PFAS are dangerous, and it is time the EPA start acting like it.

Sign the petition now to tell the EPA: protect our water and our bodies! Ban non-essential uses of PFAS!

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