Tell the media to stop treating Biden’s age like a bigger deal than Trump’s MANY crimes!

The media discourse around President Biden's age has gotten out of control. It's no secret that the president is getting up there in age, and neither is the fact that he has a speech impediment which occasionally disrupts his speech.

But the obsessive coverage of very minor gaffes is wildly out of proportion to its significance in the grand scheme of things, especially considering that Trump is also very old, that he presents a clear and present danger to our democracy itself and oh, the 91 criminal charges across the four different cases he's facing.

Tell the media to focus on Trump's crimes!

Rep. Swalwell put it best when he said "I'll take the individual who's 81 over the guy who has 91 felony counts…It's not about two individuals. It's about the idea of competence versus chaos, or even greater, freedom versus fascism. If we make it about those ideas, and what they mean in our daily lives, we're gonna win."

With the news that Trump's Christian nationalist allies are plotting a full-scale war on women if they retake the White House — like ending no fault divorce, pregnancy surrogacy, and ending policies that "subsidize single motherhood — it becomes more important than EVER that we stop Trump in his tracks, and we can't do that by obsessing over Biden's age.

Tell the media to stop treating Biden's age like a bigger deal than Trump's MANY crimes!

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