The Chinese government are committing genocide to the Uyghur people, locking them up in detention camps and torturing them, not for what they've done but for who they are. But even worse, the Chinese Government is denying it all and their foreign ministry spokesman said that it's just "the latest example of Anti-China voices attempting to smear China.
    There are many allegations against China but not enough people aren't listening or aware. Not only has the Chinese Government been committing genocide but also separating families and trying to break their cultural traditions. Leaked files and documents show almost 3, 000 Uyghur people that have been put in detention camps without choice and under strict conditions. The detention camps have armed police and every watchtower contains two guards, each equipped with snipper riffles and machine guns.
    We need to stand up for the Uyghur people who don't have a voice and we need to do it now, before it's too late.
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