Tell women who are suffering in agony and shame: I see you. I support you.

Right now, thousands of Ethiopian women are hiding from the world, in pain and shame because of a terrible childbirth injury.

Obstetric fistula occurs during obstructed labor.

It creates a hole in the woman's body – and leaves her incontinent, leaking urine or feces or both.

Please pledge your support here now, and tell these women that you see and support them.

Abebech had a long, agonising labor. Her baby died. Then she spent 27 years shunned by her community: "I was afraid to go outside. My neighbours covered their noses when I went out."

A cure for fistula is possible, but too many women don't know it exists because they are hidden away, sometimes by their own families.

The Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation is working to find, heal and empower women hidden in shame with obstetric fistula injuries. Will you please help?

Take the pledge here now, and start a woman like Abebech on her journey back to health and dignity.
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