Don't Let Energy Bills Push You Into Debt: Join the Fight to Cancel Debt

Unless we act fast, the energy crisis will snowball into a debt crisis.

Even with Government intervention, energy bills are still set to soar to £2,500 or more a year, which could plunge more families into debt'

Millions are already anxious because of rising living costs. Once in debt, it can be really hard to get out, energy debts could follow you around for up to six years.  

We're in a national crisis, but if enough of us come together and demand change, they can't ignore us.  

The government can't forget about debts that have already built up, they must urgently act by bringing down bills and help families get out of debt.  

Join us and demand the government:  

  • Slash energy bills 
  • Write off energy debts  
  • Stop debt ruining lives 

Sign the petition today! 
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