Let’s Demand Fox News Use Tucker Carlson’s Departure as an Opportunity to Start Telling the Truth and Stop Dividing Our Country

With Tucker Carlson ousted at Fox News, this is an opportunity for the network to make some serious changes. While that may sound like a stretch for Fox, Carlson brought horrifically racist and fringe ideas to a masses of viewers, making what were once obscure and irrational theories now common talking points for conservatives. With Carlson out, we must demand Fox News do better. 

Sign the petition to demand Fox News use this time of transition to start undoing the damage they've done, and commit to a new era free from disinformation, conspiracy theories, and white supremacy!

Carlson's prime-time news show was the most watched hour on cable news. While anyone left of center in American politics rightly thinks of Fox news as a Trump mouthpiece, it's still considered a legitimate journalistic organization by other media organizations. So unfortunately, it has power. Carlson weaponized that power to the fullest extent.

Many of Carlson's major talking points that he made mainstream stemmed from the "great replacement" conspiracy theory, which is the false and racist theory that there is a concerted effort to outnumber white voters by bringing people who are not white into the country.

Once Carleson's white nationalist conspiracy theories became mainstream in his show, it was over. "[White nationalism became] a broader part of Fox News's culture, and then, by extension, Republican politics," said the president of liberal watchdog Media Matters for America. 

It's difficult to understate how Carlson brought truly fringe ideas to a mass audience. Fox News has the responsibility to use Carlson's firing as a chance to shift away from white nationalist conspiracy theories and racist rhetoric. 

Sign the petition to demand Fox News use this time of transition to undo the damage they've done!

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