America needs a strong leader during a public health emergency!

A novel coronavirus is spreading around the world, unsettling markets and leaving Americans either worried — or wondering if they should worry.

In these circumstances, strong leaders assure people that they understand the situation, clearly explaining the risks and describing the preparations are underway. Instead, President Trump's initial response was to voice his hope that covid-19 will simply "go away" when the weather gets warmer.

Trump's erratic leadership, go-it-alone approach, and distrust of science have put the country in a vulnerable position.

Mike Bloomberg has a plan for responding to public health emergencies built on his experience guiding New York City through numerous crises and his longstanding relationships with the nation's premier scientists.

As president, Mike will begin to rebuild our nation's public health preparedness from the moment he takes office. He will protect Americans against pandemics by strengthening frontline preparedness at home and across the globe, supporting scientists, reestablishing the National Security Council's Office of Global Health Security, fully funding the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, and doubling the budget for research at the National Institutes of Health with funds directed toward vaccine research.

Sign and join Mike's campaign today if you believe America needs strong leadership in the face of public health emergencies.
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