Tell Congress: Like Major U.S. Businesses & Investors, You Want A Clean Energy Future Too!

As the climate crisis worsens, major businesses and investors are calling on Congress to pass vital clean energy legislation that will accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy and mitigate the worst impacts of climate change.  

In addition to the business support, we must demonstrate that the majority of Americans also demand climate solutions. Sign this petition telling Congress you care about a clean energy future. 

The recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) will provide long-overdue funding to repair America's road and water infrastructure. However, the economic and energy infrastructure provisions included in the Bill are not enough to transition us to a clean energy economy and mitigate the worst impacts of climate change.  

Accelerating the transition to affordable clean energy will strengthen America's global competitiveness as businesses become less dependent on volatile, traditional energy markets, freeing up money to invest in innovation, manufacturing, and jobs.  

Failure to pass clean energy legislation is undermining our existing U.S. clean energy supply chain and investments. Congress must act immediately to realize its future goals for clean energy and innovation. We are calling on Congress to swiftly pass an economic infrastructure package centered on the following fiscally responsible clean energy investments:  

  1. Clean energy tax credits for electric transmission and utility-scale wind, solar, storage, carbon sequestration, nuclear, and clean hydrogen 

  2. Incentives and investments in domestic clean energy supply chains, advanced manufacturing, and government procurement   

  3. Electric vehicle (EV) and charging infrastructure tax credits for all 

  4. Residential solar and energy efficiency incentives and investments, especially in low-income communities   

  5. Rural development and resiliency investments in climate-smart agriculture and forestry 

Ambitious federal investments in these areas are necessary to achieve the following critical goals for our businesses, employees, consumers, and our country to:  

  1. Lower costs and volatility for U.S. businesses and families 

  2. Reduce supply chain delays and disruptions by growing domestic supply chains 

  3. Ensure equity and opportunity for disadvantaged communities across the country 

  4. Create U.S. jobs and strengthen U.S. global competitiveness  

As we look to the future, clean energy will be the backbone of America's economic infrastructure and the key to the global competitiveness of American businesses.  

The time to invest in and build that economic infrastructure is NOW!
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