Tell Congress: Don't gut the Antiquities Act

From Teddy Roosevelt to Barack Obama, America's presidents have declared more than 150 special places as national monuments to be protected forever under the Antiquities Act. Now Congress is trying to gut that law, making it harder to protect our nation's irreplaceable lands and giving future presidents the power to slash existing protections.

Tell your representative to stand up for our public lands.
Subject: Protect the Antiquities Act: Oppose H.R. 3990

Dear [Decision-Maker],

President Teddy Roosevelt signed the Antiquities Act into law because he understood the importance of preserving our nation's natural heritage. The law gave Roosevelt and future presidents the power to protect that heritage by designating our nation's most special places as national monuments.

H.R. 3990 would gut the Antiquities Act, crippling an important tool for protecting the forests, waters and other lands we love. It would also put lands we've already chosen to protect at risk by giving presidents the power to shrink existing monuments.

I urge you to oppose H.R. 3990 and any other attempt to weaken the Antiquities Act or reduce protections for our nation's treasured public lands.

[Your Name Here]
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