Act Now to Make Homes More Affordable

America faces a housing shortage unlike ever before. Years of underproduction and underbuilding have resulted in skyrocketing housing costs, a decline of about 4.7 million affordable apartments, and an insufficient supply of about 1 million homes on the market, compared to the 4 million available in 2007.

Fortunately, there are solutions on the table right now that can create more affordable homes.

  • Housing Grants: We need grant programs to help pass pro-housing policies at the state and local levels. By removing regulatory barriers, more homes can be built faster.
  • Tax Credits: We can maximize the use of existing properties by offering tax credits to convert unused or outdated commercial and office buildings into residential and mixed-use spaces.
  • Incentives to Rehabilitate Middle-Income Homes: Help create a pathway to sustainable homeownership and neighborhood stability by providing new incentives to build and rehabilitate moderately priced homes — a segment of the market that is sorely lacking.

The American Property Owners Alliance is working to advance policies that will drastically increase housing supply and make homes more affordable. Sign now to help make homes more affordable!
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