American Veterinary Medical Association: Stop Blessing Big Ag's Cruelty!

Ventilation shutdown (VSD) is just what it sounds like. Turn off the vents. Turn up the heat. And let the animals slowly DIE.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has admitted VSD does not meet their standards. They could issue a "not recommended" rule that would phase out these death chambers!

But Big Pork wants to keep killing this way. Big Poultry wants to keep using it, too.

So the AVMA has given them a pass — a literal license to kill by this slow, horrifying and inhumane method.

Veterinarians are supposed to care about animal health and suffering. They should be speaking up for animals, not looking the other way while Big Pork kills by death chamber. They need to hear from YOU! PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW.

Sign our urgent petition to Dr. Kratt of the AVMA today!
Dr. Kratt,

What matters more to you — the well-being of animals, or the profits of Big Pork? You know VSD doesn't meet veterinary standards, yet the AVMA is continuing to give Big Ag a license to kill by death chamber. I expect better of veterinarians, and that's why I'm urging you to issue a "not recommended" standard for VSD immediately!

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