April is Earth Month. Will you take action to honor nature and protect biodiversity?

The Amazon contains the single largest tropical rainforest on the planet, spanning more than 1.6 billion acres across 9 countries and covering some 40% of the South American continent.

The Amazon is an immensely diverse region that serves key roles both locally and globally. A thriving Amazon matters to the people who live there, the countries it encompasses, and the entire world.

Not only is this forest home to more than 10% of the world's known wildlife species and the ancestral homelands to more than 400 tribes, but it is also a vital resource for traditional and modern medicine including vaccines and cancer treatment, and a major force as a global climate regulator and carbon sink.

The Amazon gives us up to 20% of the air we breathe, stores 25% of the world's water, and stabilizes the Earth's climate. Together we can empower people to become champions for our environment, protect millions of acres of wild places, and put science and technology to work for conservation.

Now is the time to take action for nature and biodiversity. Protecting the rainforest's diverse ecosystems and biodiversity is crucial to protecting wildlife, people, and ways of life across the planet.

This Earth Month, pledge to honor nature, support biodiversity conservation, and help us protect the greatest wild forest on Earth. Sign today to join our community of conservationists!
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