Demand Trump follow through with his CDC Director's pledge to give free coronavirus tests — regardless of health insurance!

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) hasn't even been in office for a single term and she has already able to secure a commitment from the CDC Director to offer free testing for all Americans for coronavirus, regardless of whether or not they have insurance. She came into a hearing prepared and knowledgeable and did in less than five minutes what the White House hasn't managed to do for weeks now.

This is an amazing feat from a remarkable legislator, but it's also more than that. She has finally gotten the Trump regime to commit to doing what it should have done weeks ago — something that countries around the world are doing, an act that can and will save lives.

If it's actually implemented.

If you have been paying any attention the last three years and have a handful of working brain cells, you know that we can never depend on Trump to keep his word or do the right thing of his own free will.

We have to make him with pressure. Add your name to demand Trump follow through with his CDC Director's commitment to provide free coronavirus tests for every American who wants one — regardless of insurance!

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