Support Upgrading Amador Villalobos Jr Athletic Complex (Fabens Football Field) by installing a new turf field.

Dear fellow Wildcat,

I'm reaching out to you today, to express my deep concern regarding Fabens ISD's need for a turf football field.
As a member of this community, I feel it is our collective responsibility to act and demand change.
• Turf fields are easier to maintain and can be as much as 80% less expensive to maintain vs a grass field.

• Turf does not require regular watering, saving as much as 60,000 gallons of water a year.

• Turf maintains its look and condition year-round making for a more consistent playing surface suitable for both football, and soccer.

• Turf play results in less injuries then play on poorly maintained grass fields.

• Every school in our District (Clint, Mt. View, Austin, San Eli, Riverside, ect..) has already made the move to turf.

• Grants are available to help offset the cost of moving to turf.

• Turf fields are a point of pride, and a great sign of school/community spirit.

Parent, friends and family of past present and future Wildcats, please endorse this petition by signing below.

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