Tell the Bronx Zoo to Free Happy and Patty

After almost a lifetime in captivity, elephants Happy and Patty deserve to be freed from the Bronx Zoo and sent to an elephant sanctuary!

Science and human experience make clear that elephants are cognitively, emotionally, and socially complex beings who have the capacity to exercise free will and make choices about how to spend their days and live their lives, just as human beings do. Forcing Happy and Patty to live separately and alone in a small unnatural environment, where they are prevented from exercising free will and engaging in their innate behaviors, causes physical and emotional suffering.

It's time for the Bronx Zoo to close its elephant exhibit and send Happy and Patty to an elephant sanctuary where they can live freely with other elephants in an environment that is similar to their natural habitat.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Sign our petition to tell the Bronx Zoo to free Happy and Patty to sanctuary!
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