End The Abuse of Elephants: Refuse To Ride!

  • par: Wildlife SOS
  • destinataire: Jaipur Government Officials
Tourists from around the world are drawn to the Indian city of Jaipur to experience its stunning historic forts, monuments, and museums. But although it may not be readily visible, Jaipur is known as the city where elephants suffer.

Most elephants used for rides and other tourist amusements in Jaipur have been stolen from the wild and beaten into submission to make them "tame" enough to take orders.

A "riding elephant" can expect a lonely lifetime of hard labor with little or no access to good food, fresh water, or quality veterinary service when they inevitably get injured. Well over 100 elephants are being held captive in Jaipur. Some are blind. Many are over 50 years old. Others have severe health issues like tuberculosis. All of them suffer from serious foot problems.

With Covid-19, there has been a temporary pause on elephant rides in Jaipur, but this could become permanent if we speak out now. This is our chance to change their fate.

We must bring this abusive practice to a permanent end — for the captive elephants caught in this sad life today and for the wild elephants who will be poached tomorrow if nothing is done! Please sign our petition to let the authorities know that this cruel practice must end!
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