ACT NOW: Speak out against LGBTQI+ hate in Uganda

Uganda's LGBTQI+ community is facing a grave human rights crisis, and we need you to speak out. A new anti-homosexuality law has sparked mob violence and violated basic human rights. Act now and demand that our leaders take action.

Uganda's cruel Anti-Homosexuality Act became law last summer, adding lengthy prison time — and even the death sentence — in a country where same-sex relations have long been criminalized. This horrific law has empowered individuals to attack LGBTQI+ people in the streets and made it a crime for anyone to employ or even shelter someone known to be LGBTQI+. Many Ugandans have fled the country because they are no longer safe, even in their own homes.

Reach out to the Biden administration today and urge them to press Uganda to rescind this abusive and deadly law.
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