Animal Torture Is NOT Entertainment! End The Woodside Pig Scramble Now.

Piglets frantically race across the rodeo ring while children chase the terrified animals in an attempt to catch and pin them to the ground. In the chaos, the piglets are easily trampled or injured.

Animals should not be tortured and traumatized for entertainment.

The "pig scramble" is a feature of the Mounted Patrol's July Fourth Junior Rodeo in Woodside, California. The event is not sanctioned by the Northern California Junior Rodeo Association and, as such, has lax animal welfare standards with the piglets paying the price.

Proponents claim that pig scrambles teach children how to manage farm animals and are nothing more than good clean fun. However, the reality is these inhumane events can leave piglets traumatized and injured while doing nothing to teach youth about how to properly treat animals.

It's time for this unnecessary and needless event to end.

The Woodside city council can stop this event by passing a resolution banning animal scrambles in the Town of Woodside. Locals are already mobilizing and have close to 500 signatures from local residents, including 30 veterinarians who have signed a statement critical of the event. Help keep the momentum going!

Sign and urge the Woodside, California town council to introduce and pass a new resolution that will ban this event! 
Dear City Council,

Please end the cruel and unnecessary "pig scrambles" at all events in town limits.

This event teaches children that chasing, harassing, and harming animals is acceptable. We should be teaching children respect for and compassion toward other animals.

More importantly, "pig scrambles" are terrifying experiences for the piglets, who are at risk of being trampled and injured.

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Please become a kinder community toward animals and end "pig scrambles."

Thank you,

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