Tell Congress Wars Shouldn’t Last Forever

Under the Constitution, it's Congress -- not the president -- who decides if, when and where the United States goes to war. Congress also has a responsibility to officially end wars when they're over. But Congress hasn't done that.  

Saddam Hussein was executed in 2006, and the U.S. war against Iraq was declared officially over in 2011. But the 2002 law that allowed then-President George W. Bush to wage war in Iraq is still on the books. 

We have an important chance now, in the final weeks of this Congress, to finally put an end to that unfortunate chapter of history. By repealing the 2002 Iraq War authorization, we can prevent it from being used to justify future wars that Congress hasn't voted on.

The House has already taken this important first step towards ending the endless wars that are costing so much money and not making us any safer. Add your name to our petition now demanding the Senate take action.

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