Support Economic Empowerment for Women

Around the world, women do not have the same access to resources and opportunities as men. This means that half of humanity cannot reach their full potential. Investing in and promoting women's economic empowerment is not only the right thing to do—we must do it to achieve a better, more equal world for all.

Why Economic Empowerment Matters

When women are denied the right to work the results can be devastating:

  • Child marriages become more common
  • Girls receive less education
  • Restrictive gender roles are reinforced
  • Women have less influence on household decisions

But when women are empowered through financial independence, the results become inspiring.

When one woman achieves financial independence, she can strengthen an entire community, empower the next generation and break the cycle of poverty for herself, her family and others around her.

Women's economic empowerment describes how empowering one woman to start a business unleashes her potential to earn a living and save for a better future.

CARE Canada works with women to provide better access to resources, skills and the opportunities they deserve to change their own lives and the lives of others.

Join us if you believe that ONE WOMAN CAN create lasting change for many.
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