Women's Rights are Human Rights - Sign to Show Your Support!

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said it nearly thirty years ago at the United Nations World Conference on Women: "Human rights are women's rights, and women's rights are human rights." Do you agree?

Equality for girls and women has been one of the defining causes of Secretary Clinton's career. Now more than ever, we know that we can never take women's rights for granted.

The Clinton Foundation is committed to women's equality – and that's why next month, at the Clinton Presidential Center's Women's Voices Summit, we're bringing together advocates, artists, politicians, and policy leaders from around the world to explore the history and chart the future in the fight to defend and advance fundamental human rights.

Secretary Clinton wants YOU to be part of this growing, committed community of those who are ready to roll up their sleeves for women's equality and the urgent global challenges we face.

We're at a moment when women's rights and human rights are under attack in nearly every corner of the globe. Girls and women are more likely to live in extreme poverty. They are more likely to be denied education. They are more likely to be forced into marriage. They are more likely to face domestic violence. They are substantially under- represented in decision-making at all levels. And yet today — like generations before — countless girls, women, and allies are striving to create a safer, more sustainable, just, equitable, and inclusive future. YOU can join them.

The moment to act is now. Add your voice! Sign the petition if you believe that women's rights are human rights.
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