Save the Black-throated Finch

  • par: Jaime M
  • destinataire: Minister for the Environment and Energy: Josh Frydenberg

The Adani Group's proposed Carmichael Coal mine is a bad deal for Australia. More greenhouse gasses, the poisoning of the great barrier reef and according to a recent analysis, the further endangerment of one of the country's most at risk birds.

The black-throated finch, a bird considered endangered in its remaining territory, is smack in the middle of a fight to dig what could end up being Australia's biggest mine yet.

The finch's population is currently being managed by the government which has charged a "recovery team" of experts with protecting its remaining habitat and boosting its population. A job that will be significantly more difficult if Canberra doesn't revoke the approval for the proposed Carmichael Mine.

By law the government cannot act "inconsistently with any official national recovery plan for an endangered species when approving a development." But that may end up being the case as new evidence shows that mine developer's efforts to offset the finch's habitat loss is not enough and it would most likely result in a net loss of territory for the struggling species.  

Australia's environment and the survival of the black-throated finch must take precedence over quick economic gain. Sign the petition and ask Canberra to revoke their approval of the Carmichael Mine until Adani can prove that all environmental impact will be mitigated.

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