Reduce Pesticide Use for Sustainable Agriculture

Pesticides pose significant risks to the wellbeing of our environment and health, but there is an opportunity for transformation and positive change. The Rainforest Alliance calls for immediate action to reduce our reliance on harmful pesticides on farms.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a superhero strategy for farming that uses less pesticides and leans on the strengths of our natural environment to help farmers deal with issues, like pests. By embracing IPM strategies, we can reduce the risks associated with excessive pesticide use, while also nurturing our planet and protecting our health.

Despite the daunting statisticsbillions of kilograms of pesticides used annually with vast economic losses and threats to biodiversitythere is hope. The indiscriminate use of pesticides can be stopped. The Rainforest Alliance's IPM strategy paves the way for a future free from harmful pesticides. Through programs that prioritize capacity building and knowledge sharing, the Rainforest Alliance is leading the charge towards a world where agriculture exists in harmony with nature, not against it.

We call upon policymakers, stakeholders, and consumers alike to support the adoption of natural climate solutions like IPM. This way, we can all be a part of a big team fighting for a healthier planet!

Sign this petition to show you're with the Rainforest Alliance and ready to make a difference when it comes to pesticides and other harmful agricultural practices!

Let's make the future brighter and greener, together!
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