Speak Out Against Legislation That Could Raise Insurance Costs in New Jersey

Recently, New Jersey lawmakers passed bills (S-481/A-4291) that would force New Jersey drivers to purchase more auto insurance coverage than they need or can afford to carry, resulting in higher insurance premiums for consumers.

With New Jerseyans already having to contend with record inflation and soaring gas prices, now is the worst possible time to make changes that could lead to higher costs for consumers.

Call on the Governor to veto these harmful bills! Please review and submit your message today.

As a constituent, I'm writing today to ask you to veto misguided legislation that could lead to higher insurance costs for New Jersey consumers. Please VETO S-481/A-4291.

Among other things, these bills would massively increase the minimum liability, uninsured motorist, and underinsured motorist coverage that New Jersey drivers are forced to carry, leading to a potential premium increase of up to $200 per year for the more than 1 million drivers who purchase minimum coverage today.

There's never a good time to raise auto insurance rates, but now is one of the worst possible times imaginable. I have already been through so much over the past two years with the pandemic and the resulting economic uncertainty. Now, with record-high gas prices and inflation soaring, the last thing lawmakers should be doing is passing legislation that is going to make things worse for me and other New Jerseyans by increasing auto insurance costs.

Please help protect New Jersey consumers. Veto S-481-A-4291.


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