Support the bill that would stop the sale of puppies and kittens under 8 weeks old!

Separating puppies and kittens from their mother and litter before they learn important species-specific behaviors can result in significant behavioral problems. Puppies learn social structure, dominance, and patience during the first eight weeks of life. If separated too early, the foundation for training can be more difficult to establish and may result in separation anxiety, destructive behavior, or lack of bite inhibition. These behaviors can make dogs, in particular, more difficult to adopt and in worst-case scenarios contribute to the likelihood of dog bites, which can be a public safety threat.

S. 1322 would protect puppies, kittens, their parents, and consumers in 5 ways:
  • Prohibit the sale of puppies and kittens under 8 weeks old;
  • Declare rules and regulations for boarding facilities and breeders;
  • Prohibit the roadside sale of animals;
  • Update several laws relating to the regulations of kennels; and
  • Clarify that the law does not consider dogs and cats livestock.
Approximately 25 states have a statutory or regulatory provision preventing the sale of puppies younger than eight weeks of age, and at least 13 have laws that apply to any person who sells an underage puppy. Strengthening Massachusetts's laws with the adoption of S. 1322 will go far toward protecting both animals and people in Massachusetts. Show your support for healthier puppies, kittens, and communities by signing this petition today!
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