Ensuring Access to Safe Water is A Human Right!

Globally, 1 in 4 people do not have access to safe drinking water, and nearly 50% of people don't have a decent toilet to use. Access to safe drinking water and sanitation is a human right – and we must join together to help ensure everyone has access to it.

Water For People is a global nonprofit working across nine countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa to address the global water crisis and equip communities with lasting access to clean water and sanitation services – for Everyone, Forever. And when we say forever, we mean forever.

We believe in a world where everyone has safe drinking water, forever. We partner with local governments, businesses, and individuals, providing the support they need to bring clean water and sanitation systems to their own communities. We then ensure they have the resources needed to maintain those systems now and in the future.

We've helped millions of people across nine countries gain access to clean water, sanitation solutions, and hygiene education. We've seen the impact of this work. Children stay in school. People live longer, healthier, more productive lives, with more time to work, play, and simply spend together.

But with climate change creating more polluted and harmful water sources and driving droughts, the fight for safe drinking water is more important than ever. We can't wait to take action to fight for this human right. That's why we need your voice.

If you believe that access to clean water is a human right, sign now to join Water for Action and help us fight for everyone's right to safe drinking water!
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