Rebuild our infrastructure the RIGHT way!

There is a new proposal by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) that could make it much more difficult for military veterans to get good jobs after serving their country. These brave Americans need your help, now.

The U. S. Department of Labor is considering changing construction training Registered Apprenticeship programs for the worse so that the men, women, veterans, and American workers in the construction industry will receive less training, have lower safety standards, and get paid less.

If this rule goes forward, it will be a race to the bottom. Undermining the gold-standard that the Registered Apprenticeship Programs have attained with untested, poorly monitored training programs would jeopardize both the quality of construction and the safety and security of the construction workforce, weakening every community across the country where these workers reside and are needed. Think about it. Do you want unskilled workers rebuilding the bridge you drive over each day? 

Make your voice heard. This proposal would not only hurt America's veterans and workers, it will put all of us at risk by reducing safety standards across the United States.

We have a month to stop it. Join with Rebuild USA, sign this action today, and to submit a comment to the DOL and tell Washington that we want America's infrastructure REBUILT right - safe and strong communities rebuilt by the best-trained American workers. We can't afford anything less. 

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