Donkeys are in crisis. Sign now to support their rescue!

Many of our donkeys have had it rough by the time they arrive at our sanctuary: unwanted donkeys are often dumped at kill pen auctions, where they experience horrific conditions and mistreatment. By the time we rescue them, they're often malnourished and suffering from serious health problems due to neglect and abuse.

If we don't get to them in time, many are bought by foreign companies who intend to slaughter them and use the collagen in their hides for medicine. It's estimated that over the next five years, half the world's donkey population will be killed due to a rising demand for their hides.

Right now, donkeys are in crisis and need help from humans like you who care. Donkeys are incredibly loving and trusting -- they form strong bonds with each other and their caretakers.

At Oscar's Place Adoption Center & Sanctuary, we give these overlooked animals a second chance. From the moment they walk through our gates, we promise to keep them safe, happy, and healthy for the rest of their lives. Our goal is simple: to save as many donkeys as we can from suffering.

Sign now if you believe donkeys deserve to be rescued from these horrific conditions!
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