Help Save a Warrior and Rescue a Dog!

When Rashen came home after completing 400 missions in Iraq, he felt something wasn't right inside him. His battlefield experiences left him plagued by PTSD, isolated and feeling like he couldn't be the best father to his son. 

Rashen heard about the value of Service Dogs for warriors like him. After researching many other programs, Rashen came upon K9s For Warriors. That's where he met his new battle buddy, Hero, a golden lab who was recently rescued and nursed back to health.

Rashen started going out in public with the kind of confidence and joy he hadn't felt in years. Best of all, he was able to go back to being the kind of engaged and affectionate father he wanted to be. 

K9s For Warriors saves two lives at a time: Rescue dog, and warrior. But we can't continue this amazing program without ongoing support from people like you.  

We need your voice and your energy to make it all happen. Can you pledge your support today for K9s For Warriors, and to help people like Rashen and dogs like Hero? 
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