Protect the Right to Protest

Protest isn't a gift from the State – it's our right. Sign Liberty's petition to protect it.

No matter where we live, our backgrounds, or who we vote for, we all want people in power to listen to our concerns and work to build a brighter future for us and our loved ones. 

But this Government is clamping down on the ways we speak up on important issues.

Most recently it has given the police dangerously broad powers to crack down on protests and arrest demonstrators.

Our leaders are criminalising protestors to hide from their own failings. This is part of a clear pattern of shutting down the ways we can all hold them accountable for their actions. They have also created laws that stop workers from striking and block countless people from voting.

History shows when we join together and make ourselves heard, bit by bit we change things for the better.

Sign the petition to scrap these laws designed to silence us, protect the powerful and prevent meaningful change.

We call on the Home Secretary to scrap the anti-protest measures in the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 and the Public Order Act 2023, as well as the new measures proposed in the Criminal Justice Bill.

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