Tell LA City Leaders: Fast-Track 5G Wireless NOW

Right now, elected officials in Los Angeles are making decisions that will shape the future of ultra-fast 5G wireless service for our community. Your voice is critically needed — right now — if you want 5G service accessible at home and on your mobile phone throughout LA.

New 5G networks won't just provide faster wireless service across Los Angeles. 5G can help us improve public safety, boost the local economy and create cost-savings for the city. Plus, 5G is built on a citywide fiber network, which will help us bridge the digital divide by providing the critical infrastructure needed to help drive equal access to ultra-fast internet.

5G is a transformational change from 4G networks. 5G will deliver lightning-fast mobile connectivity — eventually up to 20 times faster than 4G. And staggering network capacity — imagine sharing crystal clear video from the middle of sold-out sporting events.

But 5G isn't just the next "G" in your phone. It's a societal game-changer that will open up new ways for our community to live, learn, work, and play. And like any technological revolution, 5G's breakthroughs and innovations have yet to be fully imagined.

To make 5G a reality and make Los Angeles a "Smart City" leader, elected officials need to see widespread community support for its rapid build-out. Wireless providers are ready to build the 5G network to meet LA's needs, but to begin building as quickly as possible, we need a strong show of public support right away.

Tell your local officials we need 5G networks now: Fast-track the build out so LA can increase speeds, greatly improve reliability, and assist in bridging the digital divide.
Dear Council member,

As a local community member, I'm writing to urge you to fast-track the future 5G network in Los Angeles. The benefits to those who live, work, learn, and do business in LA are too great to let city delays get in the way:

- 5G will generate jobs and bolster the economy. The estimated impact of 5G in the City of LA includes the creation of over 37,000 jobs and over $6 billion in GDP growth.

- 5G will improve public safety, city services, and transportation. 5G will enable first responders to react faster by sharing vital emergency information in near real-time. 5G solutions applied to vehicle traffic management and electrical grids could reduce congestion and energy usage — not to mention produce cost savings for the city and its citizens.

- 5G will lower health care costs while elevating care. 5G raises the potential of virtual healthcare to new levels, making remote care even more accessible and effective for those who need it most.

- 5G will assist in bridging the digital divide. The 5G network is built upon a citywide fiber network infrastructure that will help expand broadband access to low-income communities improving speeds and service throughout LA.

As a leader of our city, please support efforts today to accelerate the rollout of 5G across Los Angeles. This is an opportunity to efficiently and economically expand 5G networks now to respond to constituent needs, enhance economic opportunities, and demonstrate LA's leadership in cutting-edge, smart city technology.

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