Take a Stand to End Missouri's Rural Mental Health Care Crisis!

In Missouri, rural residents have significantly higher rates of depression, experience increased difficulty in receiving mental health care and have higher rates of deaths from suicide. A recent study suggests this crisis can be even more profound for farmers specifically.

It doesn't have to be this way. However, nothing will change unless we work together to raise awareness and call for better access to mental health care in rural Missouri.

Recent extreme weather events, economic pressure and foreign trade policies have combined to produce a series of lean years for agricultural producers not seen since the farm crisis of the 1980s. What's more, stigma towards mental health treatment, geographic barriers to access, and shortages of behavioral health care providers can keep people in rural communities from the help they need.

By raising awareness of these issues, spreading the word about the importance of good mental health care for all Missourians and joining the call for greater access to mental health care for farmers across our state, we can stand together and ensure no one has to face this fight alone.

Add your name today to join the call for expanded access to mental health care for Missouri's farming communities!
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