Help RedRover Make 25% of Domestic Violence Shelters Pet-Friendly by 2025

Pets are often used by domestic abusers as tools for coercion and manipulation because they are a survivor's greatest source of emotional support. Nearly three out of four pet-owning women entering domestic violence shelters report their abuser threatened, injured, or killed family pets for revenge or psychological control. But because most domestic violence shelters nationwide aren't able to welcome pets, survivors are faced with an agonizing decision: abandon their pets or continue to endure abuse.

No one should have to make that decision.

You can help RedRover ensure that at least 25% of domestic violence shelters in the United States are able to welcome survivors and their pets by the end of 2025. Caring and compassionate people like you can spread the word and keep more families together.

Right now, almost 19% of U.S. domestic violence shelters can accommodate pets on-site, up from 10% in 2019. But that means 80% cannot and this unmet need is a crippling barrier for survivors seeking safety with their pets.

Nearly half of survivors delay leaving because they fear for their pet's safety if forced to leave them behind.

Sign the petition to join RedRover in our efforts to make 25% of domestic violence shelters in the United States pet friendly by 2025, and give more survivors and their pets the safety and healing they deserve.

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