Take the Pledge: Every Eligible Voter Has The Right To Vote!

Our freedom to vote is under attack. Voter ID laws prevent or intimidate millions of eligible Americans from casting a ballot that counts.

VoteRiders is here to help. We are the country's leading organization focused exclusively on helping citizens overcome the confusing, time-consuming, and expensive barriers created by voter ID laws. Our staff and volunteers work with at-risk voters one-on-one to help them get IDs — all for free.

We can't do it without you! Take the pledge to support VoteRiders' work and ensure no eligible voter is turned away from the polls due to lack of ID. We rely on our supporters and volunteers to cut through the confusion and get people the ID information and free help they need to cast their ballots with confidence.

Sign the pledge and commit to helping Americans get the voter ID they need to successfully make their voices heard!
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