Ear-cropping causes pain and distress to dogs like Mercy. Stand against this cruel, inhumane practice.

It's particularly heartbreaking to see an animal in pain caused by neglect. Mercy — a young, otherwise vibrant and sweet-natured Pittie/Bulldog mix — suffers from severe, untreated ear infections that have caused permanent damage. 

After examining Mercy, the veterinarian observed that these untreated chronic infections likely originated from an attempted ear crop. Sadly, the practice of surgically cutting a puppy's ears continues among certain breeds, including Pitbulls, in an effort to make the dogs appear tougher and more aggressive. 

North Shore Animal League America strongly opposes the practice of ear cropping dogs when done solely for cosmetic purposes, and encourages the elimination of ear cropping from breed standards. The procedure causes pain and distress, and, as with all surgical procedures, is accompanied by inherent risks of anesthesia, blood loss, and infection, while providing no welfare or medical benefit to the animal.
Not only is ear cropping inhumane, but it has helped to propagate the stereotype that Pitbulls are fierce — far from the truth about these kind, loyal, and lovable animals, just like Mercy.

Mercy will need a specialized procedure that will remove the entire ear canal and components to relieve her pain. Though Mercy could lose most of her hearing in the future, North Shore Animal League of America's (NSALA) Help Me Heal Program has assured that Mercy will be free of pain and will have many years filled with love and hugs ahead of her.    

You can give countless animals like Mercy who haved been harmed by ear cropping find the healing and happiness they deserve. Stand with North Shore Animal League of America against ear cropping by signing the petition today. 

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