Animals are in a war-fueled crisis in Israel and Palestine. We need your support to save our four-legged friends.

The Israel-Hamas war is a terrible crisis for animals.

As the war grinds on and bombs explode, animals caught in the conflict are abandoned amidst violence and destruction. Dogs, cats, donkeys, and so many other animals are without food, shelter, or care, wandering in the ruins of what were once their homes.

These animals face disease, starvation, and the ever-present threat of violence – and rushing emergency aid to animals, often in some of the most challenging environments, is one of our specialties.

Together with our partners, we work around the clock to distribute food, evacuate animals from conflict hotspots, rush medical care to injured animals, and secure vital supply lines in dangerous territories. We also support several shelters, helping them cope with the dramatic increase of animals in need due to the devastating war.

Since the start of the war, we have been able to help evacuate over 200 donkeys and 150 cats from Gaza to our partner sanctuary in Israel, providing them with life-saving food, care, and shelter. Whenever possible, we also help with the delivery of food to hungry, trapped, and suffering cats in warzones and support three dedicated animal shelters and rescue organizations in Israel and parts of Palestine.

However, working in a warzone is challenging. It has become more and more difficult to evacuate animals, and rescue missions are risky and politically sensitive.

Militant forces restrict access to high-conflict areas, where the need is often the greatest. Food, fuel, and medical supplies are increasingly costly, and evacuating animals can be extremely dangerous. NFA relies on the compassion and generosity of our donors to support our life-saving work, and we are constantly seeking to raise the funds we need to continue our work and save even more lives.

Sign the petition to demand that leaders and soldiers from all sides of this conflict allow our partners and others who are working to save animals free, safe access to the areas where animals are in distress. These innocent victims have no part to play in this cruel war, and those who seek to save them from suffering should be given free rein to do so.

We are also demanding that animal shelters in Israel, Palestine, and Gaza be recognized as conflict-free zones, so our partners and others can continue to save lives without risking life and limb every day.

If you'd like to join us on our mission to save animals in distress, you can sign up for our mailing list and donate whatever you can to the causes closest to your heart. Everything we do, we do through kind-hearted animal lovers like you.

Can the animals count on your support today?
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