President Biden & Secretary Blinken: End hostilities in Gaza now!

  • par: Win Without War
  • destinataire: President Biden & Secretary of State Blinken
"Hospitals are overwhelmed. There are no more painkillers now. Our staff tells us about the wounded screaming in pain, the injured, the sick who cannot get to the hospital and the terror of finding themselves bombed in a few hours." – Doctors Without Borders on the situation in Gaza

The indiscriminate attacks by Hamas on everyday people in Israel were horrific and unjustifiable. But what's happening in Gaza isn't justice. The Israeli government cutting off millions of people from water, food, and fuel while showering them with bombs must stop now.

Thousands of people in Gaza have already been killed, including hundreds of children. People fleeing are running out of clean water, and even supposed 'safe zones' have reportedly been under attack by the Israeli government.

This type of violence isn't going to bring safety or liberation to anyone, it'll only breed more violence, hatred, and trauma. People in Palestine and Israel deserve far more than the broken status quo that has let them all down so devastatingly.

The U.S. government will play a pivotal role in what happens next — and that means we have a crucial chance to push the Administration to focus its efforts on saving lives.
To President Biden & Secretary of State Blinken:

As a key ally of the Israeli government your administration should at minimum, call for a ceasefire, ensure the flow of humanitarian aid, and work to reunite hostages taken by Hamas with their families.


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