Taxpayers Demand Public No Fee City Parking Surrounding San Ysidro High School & Neighboring Communities


The streets located next to San Ysidro High School (SYHS) need to provide public no fee parking for students, parents, and residents. Currently, SYHS has over 2,300 students that attend Monday through Friday, and everyday there are hundreds of cars that illegally park on Caliente Ave heading north and south as well as on Airway Rd heading east and west.

Why are parents and residents parking illegally? Well, partially because the city has prioritized bike lanes over the actual needs of each individual neighborhood in San Diego, each with its own unique needs, and partially because parents and residents have no choice but to break the law in order to safely park their vehicles. In our South San Diego neighborhood we need more no fee public parking and more drop-off and pick-up zones for students and parents. Currently, parents block left and right turns lanes going in all directions while others simply block the bike lanes. There is road rage and illegal behavior occurring daily because of the dangerous driving environment. In addition, the city thought it best to create a bike lane with the cul-de-sec on Airway Rd which leads to a preserve, never to be built upon. Why does a bike rider need to ride in a semi-circle? Why can't the taxpayers benefit from the streets they pay to pave? We ask you to help us revert these bike lanes into public no fee parking for the people who pay for them.

Please help us open up these streets to public no fee parking for the resident who live there, and also incorporate a larger drop-off and pick-up zone for students and parents on Airway Dr. directly north and northwest of the SYHS campus.

Things to Consider:
-Caliente Ave will not remain a dead end for long. The street is planned to extend southward to a brand new development with more housing that will only further exacerbate the issue.

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