Coronavirus potentially linked to Illegal Pangolin Trade - this could be disastrous

You'd find few creatures more endearing than a pangolin. These wonderful mammals want little more than to be left in peace to forage for ants, their only defence being to curl up and wait until danger goes away - a trick that's kept them alive since the time of the dinosaurs.

But what's happened in the last few decades is enough to make you sick to your stomach.

They have been ripped from the wild, trafficked in greater quantities than any other mammal on Earth. They are butchered at restaurant tables, served up as soup, and their scales pulverised for potions masquerading as medicine.

With numbers haemorrhaging and populations plummeting, they're hurtling towards extinction with frightening rapidity. 

And things just got worse. 

Because now some scientists are suggesting pangolins were the intermediate host species that passed the coronavirus to humans. If this is confirmed, people's knee-jerk reaction may be to demonise pangolins - inspiring a bloody backlash against a creature already at breaking point.

The real culprits - the criminal traders who systematically steal them from the wild and pile them high in overcrowded markets - will get off unscathed, free to profit from the slaughter of our precious wildlife.

We can't let that happen. This has to end. 


Please pledge today that you'll help save them. Pledge you'll do what you can to bring down those traffickers. Pledge you'll support the undercover operations gathering the intelligence needed to put them behind bars. 

Because if, through your support, we can stop the trade, we still have time to keep these wonderful little creatures out of the clutches of criminals - leaving them safe to waddle around the wild, as they've done for millions of years.

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