asking former and current authors of Publish0x, KuCoin, Ampleforth and Harvest Finance to Boycott Publish0x

    Publish0x are capable of manipulate some of the authors  by restricting them the use of the hashtags which it leads to poor revenue earning and poor incapacity to gain exposure while IgorTomic, C.O.O of Publish0x and some of the authors can earn more revenue earning and more exposure with the use of hashtags. 

    When I had my say about manipulation and restricting. Igor denied. I keep asking why restricted hashtags? He tried to make good excuses because of Rules. I todl him i did the right thing and didnt do any wrong doings.  

    I explained how is it justified that my posts earned 0.02 cents, 0.08 cents, 0.10 cents with hashtags imposed on me. Igor Tomic said i shouldnt use hashtags because not content with my post.  I insisted i do have the right to use hashtags if i am talking about btc, blockchain, mining etc. Igor implied i have to follow the rules.

    Basically their rules that they are allowed to override any authors and denied them then locked their account then deactivated their accounts and stole their funds and my funds. There are many more authors experienced similar as mine on Trusted Pilot review page. We were all robbed by Publish0x

    Am asking KuCoin, AmpleForth and Harvest Finance to cease their services to Publish0x unless all the locked out authors repaid back or boycott Publish0x for good. KuCoin, AmpleForth, and Harvest Finance. You all dont want to get bad reputation.
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